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College Success Advisor for Men of Merit



Bachelor’s degree required.



Experience that demonstrates a commitment to delivering first-rate customer service and exceptional support on a daily basis is required. Experience that demonstrates a strong desire to work with a variety of people on a daily basis is required. Experience in student services at an institution of higher education is preferred. Experience or training that demonstrates strong written and oral communication skills and strong organizational skills is required. Experience that demonstrates the ability to successfully work on and complete several projects at one time is required. Experience that demonstrates strong problem-solving abilities is required. Experience that illustrates a history of successfully collaborating with co-workers on a regular basis to achieve common goals is required. Experience mentoring minority students is required. Professional experience working with first-generation students is preferred. Experience with program/activity coordination required.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Must possess superior oral and written communication skills. Ability to maintain enthusiasm for meeting with students throughout the year is mandatory. Ability to organize time and tasks is essential. Ability to meet deadlines is required.  Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with students, colleagues, faculty, and staff is required. Ability to successfully and diplomatically work with co-workers to achieve common goals is critical. Ability to identify and actively solve problems, both independently and as a member of a team, is critical. Strong computer and advanced technological skills are necessary. Effective decision-making skills and flexible scheduling are vital. Attention to detail and ability to follow through independently are essential. Ability to work as a contributing member of a high-energy team in a fast-paced environment is a must.

Job Duties:

JOB SUMMARY:                      

Iowa Western has secured a grant to concentrate its retention efforts on specific student populations, including a cohort of first-generation, male, Latino or black college students. This is a multi-faceted initiative to capitalize on retaining students in three cohort groups, serving  a total of 155 students; this specific strand of the grant focuses on 35 first-time, full-time male students who identify as either Latino or black. The College Success Advisor for Men of Merit will lead the development and implementation of intrusive advising techniques; will provide workshops and support for the cohort of students; will organize a peer mentoring program; and will work closely with Academic Support staff to offer comprehensive resources. In addition, the College Success Advisor will report progress of students and maintain data on student interactions, workshops, and events.           


HOURS:        Monday through Thursday:  9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

                    Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.               


SALARY:       $32,000


Note: This is a grant-funded position, with an end date of June 30, 2015. The continuation of the position is contingent on a subsequent grant award.



 1.      Serves as a primary advisor for a minimum of 35 minority male students. Provides exceptional student services by being knowledgeable of academic policies and procedures of Iowa Western, assisting students in the development of academic schedules appropriate for students’ educational goals, guiding students in decision-making and learning how to accept responsibility for their decisions, directing students to campus resources, guiding students in making career and academic choices, and proactively communicating with students on a regular basis.

 2.     Assists in the recruitment and selection process of students in the cohort. Informs faculty of available services, makes phone calls to eligible students, and conducts classroom visits to encourage eligible students to participate.

3.      Initiates and maintains frequent contact with the cohort group on a variety of topics and through various means, including in an online Advising Group, face-to-face, email and phone communication. Communicates deadlines and important dates to cohort students.

4.     Provides general financial aid and class advising information to cohort students. Adopts a highly intrusive advising model to motivate students to seek help when they need it, through class observation, one-on-one advising meetings, and forming strong relationships with the students.

 5.       Serves as a responsive listener and resource for students regarding services and opportunities on campus. Refers students to resources, such as academic support, when appropriate. Promotes involvement in campus activities and organizations.

6.      Plans, schedules, and facilitates a minimum of eight student success workshops each semester during the school-year (two per month) for the cohort students; workshops will include a variety of student success topics.  Two workshops must be related to the unique challenges that minority men face in college. Plans and facilitates a kick-off event for cohort students at the beginning of the year. Plans and facilitates an end-of-the-year celebration for cohort students.

7.      Administers a noncognitive assessment to all cohort students at the beginning of the year.  Utilize the results to advise the cohort students throughout the academic year.  Plan a workshop surrounding the implications of the results.

8.      Coordinates a study hall schedule for all cohort students and schedules students for weekly study group hours.

9.      Recruits, and supervises a minimum of two peer mentors; coordinates the weekly mentor hours and training. Hosts bi-weekly peer mentor group meetings. 

10.    Works with individual cohort students to develop an educational plan and uses that plan to track each student’s progress throughout the year. Meets with each cohort student three times each semester to discuss and amend the plan as necessary.

11.    Communicates with cohort students who receive “unsatisfactory” Academic Progress Reports and advisees who are placed on Academic Probation, ensuring they understand options and resources for improving performance. Communicates with cohort students who receive “satisfactory” Academic Progress Reports.

12.    Monitors class attendance and academic performance of cohort students on a weekly basis by communicating with students and faculty.

13.   Develops and maintains relationships with faculty on campus to ensure the success of the cohort group. Keeps in constant communication with faculty regarding cohort activities and student progress through phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings.

14.    Tracks all interactions with students, including emails, phone calls, and one-on-one meetings; maintains attendance records for all workshops, activities, and events; maintains records of participation in supplemental instruction and tutoring for each student.

15.    Compiles, analyzes, and reports all data on a monthly basis to ensure progress toward outcomes.

16.  Performs all other duties as assigned.

Salary Range:


Application Deadline:

Open until filled