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Certified Medication Aide

The Certified Medication Aide program is a state regulated training and certification program that prepares Certified Nurse Aides to administer medications in a long-term care setting. Students receive instruction and training in the preparation and administration of medications; observe, report, and document resident’s status; review principles of safety; and demonstrate knowledge of measurement systems, body systems, and common diseases. Cost: $425

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Certified Medication Aide

50 hour medication aide course prepares Nurse Aides and Residential Attendants who meet course guidelines to administer oral medications in long-term care facilities. Fee $425

Section # Location Day(s) Start Date Start Time Building Contact Number
MEDAD 01*02 - CF16 Council Bluffs Campus MWF 10/19/2016 9:00AM-3:30PM Looft Hall
9 sessions Call 712-325-3255

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Course Description

This 50 hour course is offered to prepare Nurse Aides and Residential Attendants to administer nonparenteral medications in Long Term Care facilities. This course is approved by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals and Nebraska Health and Human Services regulations governing medication aides. Nebraska requires the participant pass the Nebraska State Exam after completing this course. 

Prerequisites Must Be Submitted To IWCC Coordinator with the completed Registration Form.

  1. Copy of Certificate from a 75 hour Nurse Aide Course or a 75 Hour Residential Attendant Course.
  2. Currently on the Iowa Nurse Aide Registry.
    • A letter from the administrator or DON of the sponsoring facility verifying the following: the employee’s attitude, interest, reliability
    • Reading comprehension, writing ability and aptitude for math
    • Six months experience in the sponsoring facility
    • Absence of history of drug or alcohol abuse
    • Competency in obtaining blood pressure and apical pulses
    • Verification of the individual’s current nurse aide registry status 
  • Copy of license of RN who will teach the 10 hr clinical in the sponsoring facility

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Examine the role of laws and controlling agents related to safe administration of nonparenteral medications
  • Discuss general information related to the administration of nonparenteral medication and explain how this information assists the medication aide in safely administering nonparenteral medications
  • Recognize methods and procedures of safely preparing, administering and recording nonparenteral medications
  • Recognize commonly ordered nonparenteral medications and classify these into drug families according to action, side effects and nursing precautions
  • Demonstrate the ability to safely administer nonparenteral drugs in the clinical setting


Students must have an 80% or better on the Final Exam to pass the Medication Aide Course. In addition to this all course projects and reports must be completed. Students must complete at least 10 hours of clinical in the long term care facility to successfully complete the course requirements and receive a certificate. The clinical must be taught by a Registered Nurse in the sponsoring facility. The skills checklist must be returned to IWCC within six weeks of the last day of class. 


Attendance is important. Each class session seven chapters are lectured on. 

  • All homework assignments must be completed satisfactorily prior to receiving the certificate.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, and a 10 hour clinical in the sponsoring facility, the participant will receive a certificate. 
  • The 10 hour clinical must be taught by a Registered Nurse in the sponsoring facility. Skills checklist must be returned within 6 weeks of completing a class. 


Mosby’s Textbook for Medication Assistants ISBN 978-0-323-04687-9. The textbook and handouts are furnished to each student and included in the cost of the course.

Refund Policy

There will be a $25 fee for all class withdrawals or transfers.  If you withdraw from a class 1 business in advance you will receive a 50% refund.  No refunds will be given for no shows or less than 1 business day notice.