Applied Business: Experiential Learning/Portfolio
Students must complete the curriculum described below:
Recommended Course Sequence
MGT900Documentation and Evaluation of Experiential Learning 3.0
A.A.S. Communications Requirement (ENG 105 or 110) 3.0
A.A.S. Mathematics Requirement    (MAT 102 or higher) 3.0
Social Science/Humanities Elective 3.0
MGT195Workplace Empowerment 3.0
General Electives **22.051.0
Experiential Learning ***1.030.0

  67.0  Total Semester Hours Required

** A minimum of 22 credit hours of general elective classes designed to strengthen and improve occupational skills are required for this degree. The general electives, which will be part of an approved program of study, will allow the student to individualize their program to meet specific career goals and needs. A computer science course is strongly recommended if student skills in this area are weak or occupational qualifications would be strengthened by enhanced computer proficiency.


*** A minimum of 1 credit hour of Experiential Learning is required for this degree; a maximum of 30 credit hours of Experiential Learning can be earned. Experienced employees, paraprofessionals and certified journey persons who demonstrate a level of skill through the portfolio will be eligible to receive from 1 to 30 credit hours for documented training and work-based learning. Credits will be awarded for experiential learning as determined from evaluation of the professional portfolio. The experiential learning credits may be awarded in the career clusters of marketing, agriculture, business, consumer and family science, industrial technology, or health occupations and will apply only to the Applied Business degree program.


At least the last 20 credit hours must be earned at Iowa Western Community College, not including those awarded from evaluation of the portfolio.