Veterinary Technology

Program Prerequisite: A college-level chemistry course of at least three semester hours OR a high school-level chemistry course of at least one semester in length. 

General Education Courses that must be completed prior to the first semester of Veterinary Technology:

BIO 112 General Biology I 4


Students must complete the curriculum described below:
Recommended Course Sequence
First Semester
AGV100Introduction to Veterinary Technology 2.0
AGV110Principles of Veterinary Technology I 3.0
AGV120Veterinary Medical Terminology 1.0
AGV122Principles of Sanitation 3.0
AGV104Veterinary Technology Anatomy and Physiology I 3.0
AGV205Kennel Management and Animal Care I 1.0
  Credits 13.0
Second Semester
AGV115Principles of Veterinary Technology II 3.0
AGV108Veterinary Technology Anatomy and Physiology II 3.0
AGV135Clinical Pathology Lab Techniques I 3.0
AGV140Veterinary Pharmacology 3.0
BIO186Microbiology 4.0
AGV207Kennel Management and Animal Care II 1.0
  Credits 17.0
AGV142Mathematics for Veterinary Technicians 3.0
AGV145Animal Nutrition 3.0
AGV805Veterinary Technology Internship I 2.0
ENG105Composition I 3.0
  Credits 11.0
Third Semester
AGV147Large Animal Care 4.0
AGV170Veterinary Anesthesiology 3.0
AGV136Clinical Pathology Lab Techniques II 4.0
AGV150Office Procedures for Veterinary Technicians 3.0
Social Science/Humanities Elective **3.0
AGV209Kennel Management and Animal Care III 1.0
  Credits 18.0
Fourth Semester
AGV149Avian, Exotic and Lab Animal Care 3.0
AGV182Diagnostic Imaging 3.0
AGV806Veterinary Technology Internship II 3.0
AGV185Veterinary Surgical Assisting 3.0
MGT195Workplace Empowerment 3.0
AGV211Kennel Management and Animal Care IV 1.0
  Credits 16.0

  79.0  Total Semester Hours Required


**Social Science/Humanities Elective must be selected from the following:

ECN 120 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECN 130 Principles of Microeconomics 3
PHI 105 Introduction to Ethics 3
PHI 142 Ethics in Business 3
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology 3 
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 3 
SOC 120 Marriage and Family 3

Students must earn a "C" or higher in all required courses in order to graduate.