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May 7, 2013
Iowa Western Earns National Accreditation for Concurrent Enrollment Programs
Council Bluffs, Iowa - The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) announced today that it granted national accreditation to concurrent enrollment programs offered by 13 colleges and universities in Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and New York.  Included on that coveted list is Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa. NACEP accreditation validates the quality of college courses offered in high schools and ensures that the course content and student expectations match the standards of the sponsoring post-secondary institution.

NACEP Accreditation Committee Chair Becky Carter remarked: “I’m very pleased to recognize Secondary Programs at Iowa Western Community College as one of a select group of eight-nine concurrent enrollment partnerships nationwide accredited through NACEP’s extensive peer-review process.  Iowa Western Community College has demonstrated to its peers that the college courses it offers in high schools are of the same quality as courses offered on campus.”

To earn accreditation from NACEP, concurrent enrollment programs conduct a self-study, document how their programs adhere to NACEP’s 17 standards, and are evaluated by peer reviewers from NACEP-accredited programs.  NACEP’s standards were developed and refined over many years, serve as a model for quality standards in 15 states, and are adaptable to a wide range of higher education institutions.
The full listing of 89 programs nationwide currently accredited by NACEP can be found at:

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) works to ensure that college courses offered in high schools are as rigorous as courses offered on the sponsoring college campus.  As the sole accrediting body for concurrent enrollment partnerships, NACEP helps these programs adhere to the highest standards so students experience a seamless transition to college and teachers benefit from meaningful, ongoing professional development.  To advance the field and support our national network of over 250 colleges and universities, 50 high schools and school districts, and 10 state agency and system office partners, we actively share the latest knowledge about best practices, research, and advocacy.  Our annual conference in Jacksonville, Florida October 19-21, 2013 will once again be the premier destination for college officials, high school leaders, policymakers, and researchers interested in creating an effective academic bridge between high school and college.

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