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Iowa Western Community College

Carpooling and Biking can help break our dependence on oil while decreasing pollution and saving you money. Personal vehicles produce about 10% of all global CO2 emissions worldwide. The United States is responsible for over 45% of the total global vehicle CO2 emissions while only having 5% of the world's population.

Metro Bus

Take the bus! Iowa Western is located on the Blue Route of the Metro Area bus system. Riding the bus is easy and cost effective. Exact Fare is required. Bus Operators are not allowed to make change or handle money. Ten-ride pre-paid cards are sold at locations throughout Omaha and Council Bluffs and at the Iowa Western Bookstore inside the Student Center.

For bus schedule and more information on the bus, please visit http://www.ometro.com/

MetrO! Ride Share


MetrO! Rideshare is a free, quick, and secure service that connects commuters throughout the Metropolitan Omaha/Council Bluffs Region who are interested in carpooling. This service can be used for you to get to school, work and social events. Simply create a new account and profile and Metro Rideshare will automatically search for carpool matches according to your commuting preferences. Carpooling helps save money on fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

Bicycle Riding

Biking is economical, good for the environment and it is great exercise. Iowa Western has provided bike racks which are available in front of Fremont Hall. Locker room and shower facilities are available at the Kanesville Center. Please remember safety first, and always wear a helmet!

The easiest and safest ways to bike to campus can be found on the Council Bluffs Department of Parks, Recreation and Public Property

Master Trail

More information on bike trails, clubs, and much more at Bike Iowa


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