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What is Sustainability

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What is sustainability?  The definition Iowa Western uses in teaching, promoting and implementing sustainability on campus is: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations by not depleting or harming our natural resources or natural cycles, while pursuing economic and social justice for all human beings.

This includes:

  • Using renewable and clean energy
  • Decreasing our carbon footprint
  • Increase recycling and decreasing waste
  • Changing our purchasing habits by increased knowledge of products
  • Protecting Endangered Species of the world
  • Protecting our Land, Forests and better water management
  • Increase consumer knowledge of products
  • Population control and an end to extreme poverty

Iowa Western is committed to identifying, exploring and formulating best practices in sustainability in both education and on campus.   Iowa Western is on the leading edge of green training with training in wind energy, green building, biofuels, landscaping, agricultural and bio-diversity.   On campus, Iowa Western is looking to develop sustainable practices by increasing recycling, energy efficiency and sustainable practices while decreasing waste output.  Iowa Western will establish itself as a leader on sustainability issues both by example and by involvement in the Council Bluffs community.

The stress on the Earth today is greater than it has ever been.  The large population growth of the last century and harmful production cycles are depleting our limited natural resources, releasing harmful amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and endangering species around the world.  Today, recycling is not enough to protect our Earth and we need to go further.  It is up to everyone, all 6.8 billion of us, to pursue the goal of sustainability.  It will take both economic and social change as well as global cooperation for this to truly be accomplished.


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