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Few academic programs can compare to the job opportunities available to graduates in the field of foreign languages, especially Spanish. Iowa Western's Spanish program of study will prepare you to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree, where you will be well versed in the areas of speaking, writing, literature, and culture. You’ll leave Iowa Western after earning an Associate of Arts degree.

Due to a continuing influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants, the ability to speak the language creates opportunities for highly rewarding careers. Iowa Western’s program focuses on comprehension, pronunciation, reading, and writing. Our top-rate instructors will help you increase your oral and comprehension skills while also becoming familiar with Spanish culture.

Spanish translators are in high demand all over the country, whether it be police departments, hospitals, courts, or even the United Nations. After graduating from Iowa Western, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree that will pave the way to a worldwide market.

Job Outlook

This program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution upon completion. 

What will you do

The Spanish program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution. Career opportunities are primarily dependent upon completion of a bachelor’s degree. Spanish majors can apply their skills and teach Spanish, since there is a high demand for Spanish teachers. Graduates can also become translators of books and publications, or become interpreters for courts, hospitals, and other places of business. Bilingual skills make employees more marketable for job placement in virtually all career fields. Students can also use their skills to enter the growing world of international business and work with people all over the globe.


  •  This program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution upon completion. 

Career Examples

  • Interpreter
  • Linguist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Service Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Bilingual Call Center Agent
  • Spanish Translator
  • Editor
  • Foreign Language Teacher

First Semester

ENG 105 - Composition I 3.0 Credit(s)
CSC 110 - Introduction to Computers 3.0 Credit(s)
FLS 141 - Elementary Spanish I 1 4.0 Credit(s)
MAT 157 - Statistics 4.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 14.0 Credits

Second Semester

ENG 106 - Composition II 3.0 Credit(s)
FLS 142 - Elementary Spanish II 1 4.0 Credit(s)
SOC 110 - Introduction to Sociology 3.0 Credit(s)
ENV 111 - Environmental Science 4.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 14.0 Credits

Third Semester

SOC 200 - Minority Group Relations 3.0 Credit(s)
SPC 112 - Public Speaking 3.0 Credit(s)
FLS 241 - Intermediate Spanish I 1 4.0 Credit(s)
REL 101 - Survey of World Religions 3.0 Credit(s)
LIT 134 - Multicultural Literature 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 16.0 Credits

Fourth Semester

BUS 121 - Business Communications 3.0 Credit(s)
FLS 242 - Intermediate Spanish II 1 4.0 Credit(s)
ANT 105 - Cultural Anthropology 3.0 Credit(s)
SPC 120 - Intercultural Communications 3.0 Credit(s)
MKT 110 - Principles of Marketing 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 16.0 Credits

Total Semester Hours Required: 60.0


One elective must also satisfy the diversity requirement.

1Required courses for the program


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Program Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the program students will:

  • Utilize elements of grammar in written and/or oral forms.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of other cultures.

Program Disclaimers

  • Because career opportunities associated with this degree are so varied, salaries vary considerably as well. To explore careers and gather specific salary information, we encourage you to visit the following website: IHaveaPlanIowa