About the Program

A degree in Iowa Western’s Theater program can lead to a wide range of opportunities in the theatrical arts industry. If you have an interest in technical design and building, directing, teaching, or administration, this program is just right for you. This program will reward you with an Associate of Arts degree and send you on your way.

Theater students are encouraged to transfer their credits to four-year institutions. You can apply your credits toward a degree in such areas as theatre, speech, fine arts, or education. An advanced degree will improve your chances for success in this field.

This program gets students involved in stage management and directing in the very first semester. There are internships available at area theatres and other service learning opportunities. It all results in a well-rounded experience. You’ll form a close bond with your instructors and fellow students in this program.

Career Information

This program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution upon completion of this two-year degree. Students can then pursue undergraduate majors in theatre, speech, or related fields of education. With a degree in theatre,  students can begin careers in performance, technical design and building, directing, teaching, or administration. Acquiring skills in all aspects of theatre is recommended for job security, and advanced degrees are generally required for specific levels of teaching and administration jobs.

Salary Information

* Because career opportunities associated with this degree are so varied, salaries vary considerably as well. To explore careers and gather specific salary information, we encourage you to visit the following website: IHaveaPlanIowa

Just the Facts

Program Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Length: 2 Years
Award: A.A.
Pathway: Transfer Path
Cluster: Communication and Fine Arts
Completed Online: Both
Completed in the Evenings: Day
Program Locations: