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The Construction Technology program of study provides a basic knowledge of carpentry and related skills used in the residential and commercial construction industry. Students learn the building or remodeling of homes, apartments, and commercial structures. The program provides the opportunity to learn and apply all phases of the industry with an emphasis on carpentry and the related areas of electricity, HVAC, blueprint reading, and math.

Students who complete this diploma will have earned a Construction Technology: Carpentry certificate by completion. Students who complete this diploma also will earn credit toward completion of the Construction Management, A.A.S. degree. 

Job Outlook

2,791 Jobs (2020)

+6.7% Change from 2020-2025

Data is from the Omaha Metropolitans Area and the seven counties in Southwest Iowa that Iowa Western serves

What will you do

Carpenters construct and repair building frameworks and structures—such as stairways, doorframes, partitions, rafters, and bridge supports—made from wood and other materials. They also may install kitchen cabinets, siding, and drywall.  There is a high demand for carpenters nationwide.


  • Entry: $24.19
  • Average: $33.26
  • Experienced: $63.66

Career Examples

  • Project Managers (Management)
  •  Estimators (Business and Financial Operations)
  •  Assistant Construction Project Managers
  •  Construction Managers (Management)
  •  Construction Superintendents
  •  Construction Estimators
  •  CAD Technicians
  • Engineering Technicians

First Semester

MAT 743 - Technical Math 1 3.0 Credit(s)
CON 114 - Blueprint Reading 3.0 Credit(s)
CON 180 - Principles of Building Construction I 3.0 Credit(s)
CON 170 - Building Construction Techniques I 6.0 Credit(s)
CON 266 - Construction Safety 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 18.0 Credits

Second Semester

CON 244 - Related Trade Applications 3.0 Credit(s)
CON 181 - Principles of Building Construction II 3.0 Credit(s)
CON 171 - Building Construction Techniques II 6.0 Credit(s)
CON 115 - Commercial Print Reading 3.0 Credit(s)
CON 118 - Introduction to Sustainable Construction 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 18.0 Credits

Total Semester Hours Required: 36.0


1May substitute with MAT 102 or higher.


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Program Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the program students will:

  • Choose hand and power tools appropriate for the job.
  • Demonstrate the basic practices in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC and how it relates to residential construction.
  • Identify the various types of interior finishes in residential construction.
  • Demonstrate how to construct floor, wall, ceiling, and stair systems in residential construction.
  • Explain the components and finishes of a commercial building.
  • Prepare an estimate for residential construction.
  • Interpret residential and commercial blueprints and plans.

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