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The Natural Gas Technician program of study prepares students to work in and around gas line utilities. Students learn gas construction mechanics, gas meter mechanics, gas service mechanics, gas clerk estimation, gas regulator maintenance mechanics, gas appliance repair, and underground facilities location.  Graduates of this program are awarded a diploma.

Job Outlook

73 Jobs (2020)

+4.1% Change from 2020-2025

Data is from the Omaha Metropolitans Area, and the seven counties in Southwest Iowa that Iowa Western serves

What will you do

Gas technicians work in commercial establishments, industrial buildings, and residences to install, service, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair gas systems and appliances. The systems and appliances that gas technicians typically work on include boilers, ovens, central heating systems, gas fires, water heaters, shower units, and so on. Common duties of a gas technician include installing and connecting appliances to gas, water, and electrical supplies, performing maintenance checks on systems, testing safety devices and controls, identifying gas leaks, replacing or repairing parts, and recording details of repairs.

Basic math and mechanical skills are required for a career as a gas technician. An ability to communicate, both with customers and co-workers, will also be helpful for a career in gas technology. In addition, strong English reading, writing, and speaking abilities are important.


  • Entry: $24.57
  • Average: $32.76
  • Experienced: $48.09

Career Examples

  • Process Operators
  • Plant operators
  • Control Officers (Protective Service)
  • Customer Service Technicians

First Semester

MAT 743 - Technical Math

IND 109 - Equipment Safety and Operation

IND 125 - Introduction to Process Controls

IND 131 - Interpret UT Maps and Drawings

IND 113 - Utility Industry Orientation

UTL 108 - Gas Technician Lab I

Second Semester

UTL 208 - Gas Technician Lab II

UTL 308 - Gas Technician Lab III

WEL 301 - Pipe Welding

DSL 837 - Commercial Driver's License and Tools

UTL 220 - Regulation and Measurement

IND 133 - Occupational Safety

Total Semester Hours Required: 34.0


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  • Salary information from EMSI Analyst Database