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 The Renewable Energy Technology program of study is designed to provide the skills and knowledge required for entry-level careers in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems, with a focus on wind turbines and solar energy systems. Graduates of this program are awarded an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.

Job Outlook

2,089 Jobs (2020)

+9.9% Change from 2020-2025

Data is from the Omaha Metropolitans Area, and the seven counties in Southwest Iowa that Iowa Western serves

What will you do

Students who complete this program will have the skills to pursue jobs in the green industry including wind turbine installer, solar electricity installer, solar thermal installer, and other similar fields.  Depending on a student’s path, students will be prepared certification in the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ( credential programs for renewable energy jobs.  A wind turbine technician, also known as a windtech, installs, inspects, maintains, operates, and repairs wind turbines. They are able to diagnose and fix any problem that could cause the turbine to shut down unexpectedly.A few of the job duties include: inspecting the exterior of the towers; climbing the towers to inspect, troubleshoot, or repair equipment; collecting turbine data for testing and analysis; performing routine maintenance; testing electrical components, systems, and mechanical and hydraulic systems; and replacing worn out or malfunctioning components.


  • Average: $25.35
  • Entry: $16.86
  • Experienced: $41.58

Career Examples

  • Maintenance Technicians (Installation, Maintenance, and Repair)
  • Wind Turbine Technicians
  • Production Technicians
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Maintenance Mechanics

First Semester

ELT 215 - Motors and Controls 2.0 Credit(s)
IND 197 - Industrial Engineering Technology Orientation 3.0 Credit(s)
ELT 196 - Circuit Analysis I 5.0 Credit(s)
IND 109 - Equipment Safety and Operation 3.0 Credit(s)
MAT 743 - Technical Math 1 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 16.0 Credits

Second Semester

ELT 250 - Programmable Logic Controllers 3.0 Credit(s)
ELT 251 - Programmable Logic Controllers Lab 2.0 Credit(s)
SER 160 - Electricity III 3.0 Credit(s)
WTT 202 - Advanced Wind Energy 4.0 Credit(s)
WTT 110 - Wind Energy Workplace Safety 3.0 Credit(s)
WTT 143 - Mechanical Power Transmission 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 18.0 Credits

Third Semester

ENG 110 - Writing For The Workplace 3.0 Credit(s)
SER 190 - Advanced Sustainable Energy 3.0 Credit(s)
SER 120 - Introduction to Renewable Energy 3.0 Credit(s)

Technical Elective 3.0 Credits2

SOC 110 - Introduction to Sociology 3.0 Credit(s)
ATR 133 - Fluid Power Systems 2.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 17.0 Credits

Fourth Semester

HCR 458 - Alternative Energy Sources 2.0 Credit(s)
MGT 195 - Workplace Empowerment 3.0 Credit(s)
SER 175 - Advanced Solar Energy: Photovoltaic 4.0 Credit(s)
ENV 111 - Environmental Science 4.0 Credit(s)

Technical Elective2 3.0 Credits

Semester Total: 16.0 Credits

Total Semester Hours Required: 67.0


1May substitute with MAT 102 or higher

2Technical Elective must be selected from the following courses: 

ATR 113 - Industrial Robotics 3.0 Credit(s)
ATR 114 - Industrial Robotics Lab 2.0 Credit(s)
CAD 139 - Introduction to CAD/CAM 3.0 Credit(s)
ELE 227 - Electrical Blueprint Reading 2.0 Credit(s)
ELE 326 - Basics of Wiring 2.0 Credit(s)
ELT 252 - Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers 3.0 Credit(s)
ELT 253 - Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers Lab 2.0 Credit(s)
EGR 160 - Engineering I 3.0 Credit(s)
HCR 208 - Boilers and Hydronic Systems 4.0 Credit(s)
LEO 230 - Fundamentals of Light and Lasers 5.0 Credit(s)
LEO 360 - Lasers in Manufacturing 3.0 Credit(s)
MFG 145 - Light Machining for Maintenance Trades 4.0 Credit(s)
MFG 156 - Introduction to CNC Machining 3.0 Credit(s)
MFG 222 - Machine Operations I 4.0 Credit(s)
NET 790 - PC Support I 3.0 Credit(s)
SER 195 - Advanced Sustainable Energy II 3.0 Credit(s)
WEL 149 - Arc Welding 3.0 Credit(s)
WTT 202 - Advanced Wind Energy 4.0 Credit(s)

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Program Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the program students will:


  • Explain the operation of core systems within renewable energy systems.
  • Troubleshoot electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical renewable energy systems.
  • Maintain electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical renewable energy systems.
  • Use OSHA and best practices for safety in the renewable energy industry.
  • Contrast and compare methods of renewable energy production in the context of sustainability and environmental impact.
  • Demonstrate appropriate workplace behavior with respect to attitude, interpersonal communication, and safety.

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