What Will You Become?
Iowa Western Community College

Associate Degree Nursing

Upon completion of the practical nurse course sequence at Iowa Western, students are eligible for progression to the Associate Degree or RN portion of the program.  Earning the Associate of Applied Science Degree allows students to sit for the NCLEX-RN test, and practice as a Registered Nurse after passing the exam.

Building on the curriculum of the PN program, the ADN student grows from the individual focus to family, community and population groups.  From working with a child with an acute or chronic disease to teaching the elderly patient self-care as they go home from the hospital, the ADN student is involved in the hospital and community.  Communicating with people and teaching continue to be a large part of the students job as nursing moves into the community.  From taking the patient history on admission to the hospital to helping  a mom through labor, ADN students are involved in many aspects of nursing.  The Iowa Western program prepares students for a variety of nursing roles.


Admission to the college is granted to all individuals who are high school graduates or the equivalent; however, some programs may require additional information for acceptance.  We encourage you to review our Getting Started Checklist for specific requirements for admission.


Criminal Background Checks:  To comply with clinical site contracts, all students must submit to criminal record checks, child and  adult abuse checks as well as show proof they are not included in the Medicare/Medicaid exclusion list as well as a Health & Physical form, current CPR, and immunizations.