Iowa Western Community College

General Studies AS

General Studies AS

Just the Facts

Program Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Length: 2 Years
Award: A.S.

Completed Online: Both
Completed in the Evenings: Day, Evening, Online
Pathway: Transfer Path
Career Cluster: Communication and Fine Arts

About the Program

The General Studies Associate of Science program gives students the opportunity to explore areas of interest while taking the classes needed to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution. If you are undecided on a career path, like many college-bound students, choosing the General Studies program may be the best option for you.

Students who major in General Studies need to use the flexibility of this program of study to find a focus that will lead to a career. Iowa Western offers students a variety of services and resources that are designed to help them gather information to make informed decisions regarding major and ultimately career selection. These resources also provide an opportunity for students to make a connection between a program of study, or major, and the related job possibilities.

A student’s assigned advisor will serve as an important resource when it comes to questions about careers but students are also encouraged to take it upon themselves to research opportunities through online resources such as the Iowa Western Career Planning web pages and Iowa Choices Planner, both of which are accessible through the college web site.


Career Information

The General Studies program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution. Students who major in General Studies need to use the flexibility of this program of study to find a focus that will lead to a career. The General Studies Associate of Science requires twice the amount of math and science that the Associate of Arts requires; therefore, the Associate of Science is a good choice for students entering fields such as math, science, health, and engineering.

Career Coach

Program Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the program students will:

  • Demonstrate basic understanding of mathematics and science.
  • Evaluate information appropriately.
  • Apply principles of critical thinking to demonstrate integrative learning.
  • Communicate effectively in spoken form.
  • Communicate effectively in written form.
  • Analyze diversity issues within a global context.
  • Develop continued learning strategies.


* A.A. and A.S. Degree Programs provide students a general education core in Communications, Social Sciences, Science & Mathematics, Humanities, and Diversity. The foundation of required and elective courses prepares students for transfer into a four-year college or university bachelor's degree Program.