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If you enjoy math and you are you thinking about a career in economics, business, engineering, or education, Iowa Western’s Mathematics program of study might be the perfect place for you to start. In this program, you will learn the foundation needed for you to transfer to a four-year school and work towards a bachelor’s degree. In addition to all of the general education courses you will need, Iowa Western’s experienced math faculty offer a wide range of math courses including college algebra, statistics, three levels of calculus, and differential equations, to name a few. In addition, our students have the opportunity to enroll in several different physics, chemistry, and economics courses.

Job Outlook

This program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution upon completion. 

What will you do

The Mathematics program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution. Mathematicians have a variety of career paths to choose from. Some choose teaching where a bachelor’s degree is required for secondary education and a master’s or Ph.D is needed for most post-secondary levels. Others find opportunities with the government or private industry in research and testing services, security commodity exchanges, management and public relations services, or they choose to work for banks, insurance companies, or public utilities. The salary will vary with the type of position accepted. Career Fields: Actuary, Mathematician, Secondary School Teacher, College or University Faculty Member.


This program is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution upon completion. 

Career Examples

  • Clinical Research Associates (Management)
  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Clinical Managers (Management)
  • Statisticians
  • Mathematicians
  • Actuary
  • Clinical Research Liaisons
  • Clinical Trials Assistants

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First Semester

MAT 211 - Calculus I

ENG 105 - Composition I

Second Semester

MAT 217 - Calculus II

ENG 106 - Composition II

Third Semester

MAT 220 - Calculus III

SPC 112 - Public Speaking

Fourth Semester

MAT 225 - Differential Equations

MAT 227 - Elementary Differential Equations with Laplace

MAT 157 - Statistics

Total Semester Hours Required: 64.0


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Program Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the program students will:

  • Calculate and apply derivatives.
  • Calculate and apply integrals.
  • Analyze and compute Infinite series and sequences.
  • Use vectors to solve application problems.
  • Use descriptive and theoretical statistical techniques to solve problems.

Program Disclaimers

  • A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree is necessary for employment in this area.
  • Because career opportunities associated with this degree are so varied, salaries vary considerably as well. To explore careers and gather specific salary information, we encourage you to visit the following website: IHaveaPlanIowa