Iowa Western Intermediary Network

What is IWCC’s Work-Based Learning & Intermediary Network?

IWCC’s Work-Based Learning and Intermediary Network program is designed to improve the skills of Iowa’s future workforce by connecting high school students and educators to local careers, through relevant, work-based learning experiences. The WBL and Intermediary Network works with employers to coordinate classroom speakers, worksite tours, career exploration activities, internships connections, Quality Pre-Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship discussions, as well as coordinating teacher tours, externships, and other educator professional development opportunities.  These hands-on opportunities are designed to help students better understand how to align their career goals with their post-secondary decisions.

What can the WBL and Intermediary Network do for you?

Iowa Western’s WBL and Intermediary Network provides a variety of opportunities for high school students and educators:

  • Classroom Speakers
  • Worksite Tours
  • Career Exploration Activities
  • Internship Connections
  • Registered Apprenticeship and Quality Pre-Apprenticeship Discussions
  • Educator Tours & Externships

 What are the Benefits?

Whether you’re a student, an educator, or a business professional, the benefits are endless!

  • Classroom curriculum will be enhanced by showing real-world applications
  • Students connect education to their future in the workforce leading to more success in the classroom
  • Local businesses influence potential employees in the hopes of keeping our best and brightest!

Contact Us

Intermediary Director

Natalie Harris

Ph: (712) 325-3734

Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Jolene Miller

Ph: (712) 325-3403