About the Program

In our Cosmetology program we want to meet the needs of all our students at each of the centers. Every February we take the program to two of the centers and then in Council Bluffs as well. This enables our students to complete their hours before the March 31 deadline for renewal. As well we offer two classes (the complete 8 hours) in October. For anyone needing their 2 hours of Iowa law, we have a very convenient Home Study and soon we hope to have Iowa law online.

The State of Iowa changed the minimum hours of continuing education to 6 hours with a minimum of 4 hours of the 6 hours in the prescribed practice discipline and a minimum of 2 hours of the 6 hours shall be in the content areas of Iowa cosmetology law and rules and sanitation. With this change in requirements, Iowa Western will now offer one 6-hour course in February through March in Council Bluffs, as well as two of our centers (Harlan, Atlantic or Clarinda).

Don’t hesitate to offer suggestions for the Cosmetology program, we are here to please our students with the best product possible. 

Cosmetology Home Study

The Iowa Board of Cosmetology requires two hours of law. If you have hours from another source that did not include law, or if you are out of sequence for the two hours that you need, we are providing an independent home-study course consisting of a booklet and test, which we will send you. You will have three weeks to study the booklet and send the completed test back to us for grading. Upon passing, you will be sent a certificate awarding two hours of Law and Rules. You can start anytime, just call us (712) 325-3256 or email [email protected]. Fee $39