Iowa Western Community College

Welcome To Iowa Western’s Quality Improvement Process

Iowa Western Community College is transitioning from the traditional accreditation model to the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). We embarked upon the quality improvement accreditation journey in 2005, as the college leadership initiated discussion and preparation for the next Higher Learning Commission’s accreditation process.

An AQIP Steering Committee comprised of administration and faculty leaders was created to assess the college’s interest in this alternative to the HLC’s ten-year accreditation cycle (Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality or PEAQ) and to plan the process of evolving from PEAQ to AQIP. The Steering Committee attended AQIP’s Vital Focus training in June 2005 and developed the foundation for this transition.

Iowa Western Community College completed the AQIP Vital Focus self-assessment process during 2006. This process included:

  • Constellation Survey September 2005
  • Conversation Day October 2005
  • Action Projects January 2006
  • Strategy Forum March 2006

Iowa Western has embraced a culture of continuous improvement and recognizes that a quality institution requires the involvement of all stakeholders.