Business Participation Form

Intermediary: Online Business Participation

  • Worksite Tour: High school students tour business and learn about various roles in the organization. Time commitment: Typically 30-60 minutes
    Job Shadow: Have an individual high school student observe the workplace. Time Commitment: Typically 1-4 hours.
    Student Internship: Work with a high school student to give them a head start on career though hands-on work experience. Time commitment: Times vary, typically 45-90 hours.
    Career Development Activities: Participate in career exploration activities, such as classroom guest speaking opportunities, mock interview panels, or student career fairs. Time commitment: Typically 1-4 hours.
    Educator Internship: Host an educator for a summer internship. Time Commitment: 40 hours.
    Transportation Sponsorship: Sponsor transportation for a student career activity. (Ex: Sponsor a school bus for a class industry tour)

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