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Iowa Western Community College

How it Works


The Iowa Department of Education (IDOE), Bureau of Nutrition, Health, and Transportation Services requires a school bus driver training and certification course for all school bus drivers within the State of Iowa. The training consists of a total of 17 Hours; 14 Hours online followed by 3 hours of face to face at the Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) campus in Council Bluffs.

Step by Step

  • The school or transportation company can purchase access codes for each driver by emailing IWCC at ce@iwcc.edu. Put “Bus Driver” in the subject line. We need the number of codes you want and who to bill. At this point we do not need the names or other information for the drivers, but you may provide it if you wish. Your school/company will be billed $100/access code. This step MUST be done be email.
  • We will send you the access codes by return email. They consist of one long URL for each driver. The URL includes both the website and an access code for one driver. (This step must be handled by email from us and Copy and Paste on your end. The URL’s are much too long to be handled manually.) Once the driver goes to the link, he/she will create a username and password. Please assist the driver if they are unsure how to set up the username and password. (They can start the class in your office and continue anywhere with Internet access. The URL should be emailed to any other sites.) Each driver must also have an active e-mail account, if they don’t, the transportation director will need to set one up with them. This can be done at no cost using a free e-mail account with gmail, hotmail or your office.
  • After the driver completes the 16 modules of training they are ready to take the proctored test. They should just schedule a time to come in for testing after they complete the other modules. The test is not with the other modules, but must be accesses using the “Find More Training” link. Select the Iowa School Bus Driver link. A green bar will appear saying you are enrolled in the class. Select My Training and the test module will appear along with old ones. When they pass the test, they will be able to print a certificate of completion for the online portion of the class. (The computer used for the test should have access to a printer.) A school official must sign the certificate and keep it in the driver’s file. Instructions on new driver certification test process!
  • Mail, fax, or email IWCC a copy of the completion certificate for the online portion of the class along with the registration information for each driver if not provided earlier.
  • Once the drivers successfully complete the face to face portion, they will get a completion certificate from Iowa Western stating that they have successfully completed the entire new school bus driver training. A copy should be placed in their file. We will also report completion to DOE.

Important Information


$100 will be billed to the school district or company.

New Driver Information REQUIRED

We need the following information on each driver:

  • First and last name, middle initial
  • Home address
  • SSN
  • Driver’s License number
  • Phone number