Iowa Western Community College

EMS Continuing Education


Continuing education courses are offered on various topics and at various locations throughout the year. These courses are designed to keep the Emergency Medical professional current on trends in the pre-hospital setting, offer updates on techniques and equipment, to reinforce changes in certification standards and to increase the quality of patient care in our communities.

We provide the most updated and pertinent courses for your education. New online education is available as well as traditional course format.

For specific training courses or certifications not listed here, please use links in the left column.

Contact us about:
  • Help finding an instructor for a course your department training.
  • Help designing a course or series of courses for your department.
  • Setting up a schedule of courses offered by Iowa Western at our department.
  • Learning how to get CEU's for our classes.  
Please note: EMS Education Program CEU Requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the class date.

Face-to-Face Courses

There are no classes scheduled at this time please check back later.

Online Courses - Optional Hours

Head Injuries

The objectives of this course are to have the student:

  • Understand the anatomy of the head and brain
  • Understand the Pathophysiology of brain injuries
  • Understand the external signs and symptoms of head injuries
  • Understand the EMS management of head trauma

Fee $20 (2 optional CEU hours) 

Online Courses - Formal Hours

These webinar type courses will be delivered the 2nd Tuesday of each month (7-9 pm) to EMS Departments that have registered for the course. Individual persons may register to attend these courses at the Council Bluff’s campus each month. Courses topics will include the most pertinent issues identified by medical directors and training officers in the region, targeting both ALS and BLS audiences. All courses offer 2 FORMAL continuing education hours and will be taught by experts in the field.


EMS Departments:

  • $50 per session (Single session)
  • $40 per session (12 month bundle)
  • Prices are per session, regardless of the number of attendees

Individual Provider Registration:

  • $15 per session/person
  • $10 per session/person (12 month package)
  • Attend at IWCC Council Bluffs campus

Requirements to host courses

It is required that a department representative be present to assure that:

  • The equipment is in running order throughout the course
  • To assure that each student completes the proper paperwork
  • To facilitate the online class communication
  • Return the paperwork to IWCC

Equipment need for the administration of the class:

  • Computer with high speed internet
  • Projector or large screen TV that  will project from the computer
  • Speakers
  • Inexpensive webcam
  • Microphone for your computer or polycom (adequate for a large conference call)