Iowa Western Community College

Phlebotomy Dress Code

Students will be required to clean and neatly dressed to present a professional appearance for class, lab, and clinical. Students must wear scrubs (uniform) and lab coats when working on lab skills during the classroom portion of the course, and when they are at the clinical sites. Scrubs should be clean and pressed.

Appropriate footwear will be required in the lab and clinical area. Closed-toe shoes that are soft-soled, such as white tennis or similar shoes must be worn in the lab and clinical area; no sandals or flip-flops.  Name tags will be issued and must be displayed at all times. Body piercings must be removed and tattoos must be covered with make up or band aids. Hair must be clean and tied back.

Men should keep facial hair trimmed. If a male student wishes to wear a mustache and/or beard, it must be kept clean and well groomed (No five o’clock shadow).

Students are expected to bathe regularly to avoid offensive odor. In addition, students should refrain from excessive use of make-up, perfumes, and/or aftershave cologne. Fingernails need to be clean and at a reasonable length. Reasonable length is defined as 1/8” above the fingertip. You may not wear finger nail polish or acrylic nails. Jewelry should be limited to wedding rings and a wrist watch.

Iowa Western Community College is a nonsmoking campus. If you choose to smoke, please do not come to class, lab, or clinical smelling of cigarettes. 

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