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Iowa Western Community College

Student Conduct

The Dean of Student Life and Student Success is responsible for developing and administering a Code of Student Conduct that supports the College's values, goals, and priorities. Iowa Western Community College is committed to providing an environment that promotes academic learning, institutional and personal integrity, justice and equality. The College considers all students as partners in the responsibility of creating and maintaining that environment.

Developing Personal Responsibility

The judicial system at Iowa Western exists to provide a living and learning environment that reflects the values of the community, including those of personal integrity, academic integrity, and responsibility. The Student Conduct System promotes appropriate standards of conduct for the College community as reflected in the Student Code of Conduct and other College policies.

Staff members are available to provide information to students, faculty, and staff about the College community's standards, to provide information about judicial procedures, and to discuss complaints related to students or student groups.

Please refer to the IWCC Code of Conduct for a complete explanation of the Student Conduct system.

Student Handbook

All students at Iowa Western are bound by the regulations noted within the Student Handbook, including the Student Code of Conduct. The College reserves the right to make changes in the procedures and regulations contained within the Handbook at any time.

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