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Iowa Western Community College

Student Confidentiality Policy

The Student Success Office carefully guards students’ confidentiality. It is our policy not to release personal identifiable information concerning the use of our services without a student’s prior written permission. Such confidentiality is upheld except in emergency situations where there is a clear and present danger or imminent threat that someone's life is at risk, a chance of harm, a case of apparent abuse of a child, or by court order. Such confidentiality exceptions include situations in which:

  • The student exhibits self-destructive or suicidal tendencies
  • The student appears to threaten the safety of people/property
  • The student engages in unlawful activities and, by confiding in the counselor, is making the counselor an accessory to these actions, or
  • The counselor suspects or is given information that a child (includes minor-age students) is being physically or sexually abused, or neglected and it has not been reported to authorities.

In the aforementioned situations, the Office of Student Life personnel, outside agencies, and/or parents/guardians will be contacted as appropriate to specific circumstances. Other exceptions include communication to the internal referral source as listed:

  • For disciplinary purposes
  • Whether or not the student met with the “helping” individual.
  • If he/she is keeping appointments.
  • If there is a follow up appointment scheduled.
  • Whether or not there is a cause for further concern.

For non-disciplinary purposes, just a concern:

  • That the “helping” individual made contact with the student.