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Iowa Western Community College

Your Award Notification

Applicants will receive an Award Notification that indicates their financial aid eligibility. This Award Notification will be sent only after requested forms and verification documents have been received and reviewed, and eligibility has been determined. Signed copies of tax forms and other documents may be required for verification as determined by the Federal Government or the Iowa Western Community College Financial Aid Office.

The Financial Aid Office will make every effort to meet the financial needs of each qualified student. The amount of assistance will depend on enrollment and eligibility criteria, as well as the availability of federal, state, and other agency funds.

Financial aid funds will be used to pay tuition, fees, campus housing, meal plans, and books, in that order. Any balance of remaining funds will not be released directly to the students before the fourth week of class. Balances will be released only after all institutional bills have been paid in full. The e-Cashier Automatic Payment Plan is available through the College Business Office for students unable to pay their account balance at the beginning of the term. The e-Cashier Automatic Payment Plan is also available for students whose financial aid award does not cover their account balance.

After You Receive Your Award Notification

You do not need to do anything to accept the grant money listed in your Award Notification. After you register for classes, the appropriate amount of grant money will be applied to your account.

If you want to accept subsidized or unsubsidized Direct Loan money listed in your Award Notification, you must complete the Direct Loan Authorization Form, which you can do online.

If your parent wants to accept Direct PLUS Loan money listed in your Award Notification, he or she needs to complete the PLUS Loan Request Process online.

If your Award Notification indicates College Work Study eligibility, you can learn more about this program on ROC (Internal website for current students). This is a federal financial aid program to give students the opportunity to work on-campus while attending school. Students search, apply, and interview for interested job opportunities. Jobs are limited and are available on a first come bases.