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Iowa Western Community College

DSST Credit at Iowa Western

Exam Required Score Semester Hrs. Iowa Western Equivalency
Astronomy 400 3 PHS 142 Principles of Astronomy
Business Ethics & Society 400 3 PHI 142 Ethics in Business
Business Mathematics 400 3 MAT 711 Business & Financial Mathematics
Criminal Justice 400 3 CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Environment & Humanity 400 3 ENV 102 Introduction to Sustainability
Foundations of Education 400 3 EDU 210 Foundations of Education
Here’s to Your Health 400 3 PEH 102 Health
Human Cultural Geography 400 3 GEO 121 World Regional Geography
Human Resources Management 400 3 MGT 170 Human Resource Management
Introduction to Business 400 3 BUS 102 Introduction to Business
Computing & Information Technology 400 3 CSC 110 Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Law Enforcement 400 3 CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to World Religions 400 3 REL 101 Survey of World Religions
Lifespan Developmental
400 3 PSY 121 Developmental Psychology
Management Information
400 3 CSC 114 Introduction to Information Technology
Personal Finance 400 3 FIN 121 Personal Finance
Principles of Public Speaking 400 3 SPC 112 Public Speaking
Principles of Supervision 400 3 MGT 130 Principles of Supervision
Substance Abuse
(Drug/Alcohol Abuse)
400 3 HSV 259 Introduction to Chemical Dependency
Technical Writing 400 3 ENG 111 Technical Writing

How will credit be awarded for DSST?
DSST-earned credits will be recorded on the student’s Iowa Western transcript only if they are enrolled and attending IWCC. Because students are not awarded a letter grade, test scores are not used when computing the student’s grade point average. Credit cannot be awarded if the student has already earned college credit for an equivalent course.

Will DSST credit at IWCC transfer to other institutions?
DSST credit transcript at IWCC usually transfers to other colleges or universities. However, Iowa Western does not assume responsibility for the transferability of DSST credits.

Do DSST credits from other institutions transfer to IWCC?
Credit will be given only for the courses listed and only if the required score was met.  Iowa Western must receive a DSST transcript directly from Prometric (http://www.getcollegecredit.com/) in order to award credit.

Will I be charged tuition for DSST hours completed at Iowa Western?
There will be no charge for tuition or recording DSST credits on a student’s transcript.