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Iowa Western Community College

Southwest Iowa Workplace Connection

 What is IWCC's Southwest Iowa Workplace Connection?

Southwest Iowa Workplace Connection is a work-based learning program designed to improve the skills of Iowa’s future workforce by connecting high school students and teachers to local careers, through relevant, work-based learning experiences. Southwest Iowa Workplace Connection works with employers to coordinate worksite tours, job shadows, career exploration activities, and professional development for high school students and teachers in Southwest Iowa. These hands-on opportunities are designed to help students better understand how to align their career goals with their post-secondary decisions.

What can Southwest Iowa Workplace Connection do for you?

Southwest Iowa Workplace Connection provides a variety of opportunities for students and teachers:

  • Worksite Tours
  • Job Shadows
  • Career Exploration Activities
  • Teacher Tours & Externships

 What are the Benefits?

Whether you're a student, an educator, or a business professional, the benefits are endless!

  • Classroom curriculum will be enhanced by showing real world applications
  • Students connect education to their future in the workforce leading to more success in the classroom
  • Local businesses influence potential employees in the hopes of keeping our best and brightest!