Online Registration

If you are taking all online classes and/or live a distance away, you can register for classes from the comfort of your own home. During this process, you can register for your first semester of classes from your computer with support from your Admissions Advisor via email or phone call. Complete your full New Student Journey here.

Below are the instructions on how to complete your registration. Although this page contains a lot of information, just take each step one at a time, and let us know if you have any questions.

To register for your classes, you will need to get logged into your ROC (Reiver Online Campus) account. ROC is your student portal that will house all the resources you will need to be a successful student.

If you have trouble logging in, contact our IT office at 712-325-3225.
Locate your “Academic Planning” card. Next, click on “Student Planning.” Click on “View Your Progress” to see your academic progress in your program of study and search for courses. Click on “Plan Your Degree & Register for Classes” to look at your timeline and register for classes.
Look at “View Your Progress” and your chosen Program of Study to choose the classes you need. Keep in mind that at least 12 credits are considered full-time, but you will need 15 a semester to graduate in 2 years (or the recommended length of your program).

Once you have chosen your classes and have added them to Student Planning, choose the class times that work best for your schedule.
At this point, you should have chosen your classes and picked times that work best for your schedule. Now it is time to register for classes. You can either choose to “Register” each class individually or click “Register Now” to register for all the classes you have chosen.

Note: Your classes will turn green when you have successfully registered. If there is an error message or if you have questions, please contact your Admissions Advisor
Your College Success Advisor will be in contact with you the week after you have successfully registered to complete the New Student Onboarding. This includes registration confirmation, billing, financial aid, degree planning, etc. Any questions you have moving forward, your College Success Advisor will assist you. Be sure to check out all our wonderful FREE resources available to Iowa Western students.

Congratulations! You are now registered at Iowa Western. Welcome to the Reiver Family!