Academic Support

College is a place where you learn and grow. Part of that process is using your available resources to assist you in getting where you need to be. Your academic performance is important because it affects your eligibility for graduation and financial aid.

That is why Iowa Western provides a variety of academic supports to help you meet your educational goals. All of these services are available to you for FREE! They are all conveniently located on the 2nd Floor of our Student Center.

Library Library

Our library is a Cyber Library. What is a Cyber Library? A Cyber Library is a library with all books, journals, articles, and media available online. We also have:

  • eBooks & audiobooks through Libby/Overdrive
  • FREE black and white printing
  • Laptop checkout for on and off-campus students
  • Individual and group study rooms
  • Help with research, formatting, and citations

For more information on our Cyber Library, email If you are a current student that needs to access the library database or more information, visit the Cyber Library page in ROC.

Tutoring Tutoring

We offer FREE peer, professional, and online tutoring to all of our students.

  • Peer tutoring is available for math, science, business, and communication classes
  • A professional tutor is available for Statistics and Intermediate Algebra
  • Online tutoring is available for most subjects
  • You can make an appointment with an academic coach to discuss study skills such as note taking, test strategy, time management, and organization

For more information on our Tutoring services, email If you are a current student, you can find the tutoring schedules and more information on the Tutoring and Writing
Center page
on Canvas. You can also find online tutoring on the ThinkingStorm portal.

Writing Center Writing Center

Regardless of your major, you will be asked to write academic papers for your classes. At any
phase of the writing process, our writing consultants can provide you with guidance and
resources on:

  • Understanding writing assignments
  • Summarizing and responding to assigned readings
  • Brainstorming ideas and topic choice
  • Considering your audience
  • Outlining and basic organizational structure
  • Thesis development

For more information on our Writing Center, email If you are a current
student, you can schedule a consultation appointment or learn more on the Tutoring and Writing
Center page
on Canvas. If you are not on campus, you can get a professional online writing
review from ThinkingStorm.

Disability Services Accommodation Services

If you have a documented disability, you may qualify for accommodations through Accommodation Services. One difference between high school to college is that accommodations may be given to ensure equal access to education. Accommodations are not given to guarantee success. You must reach out to Accommodation Services to begin this process. Here is our three-step process.

  1. Fill out the Accommodation Request Form
  2. Provide supporting documentation of your disability. Acceptable information can be a recent IEP, letter from a licensed mental health practitioner or medical provider. This must be on the provider’s letterhead and signed by them. Please send documentation by email to
  3. Schedule an appointment with Accommodation Services to go over your documentation and establish if accommodations are reasonable and appropriate. To schedule an appointment, click here

For questions about Accommodation Services, email . If you are a current student, see the Accommodation Services page in ROC for more information.

TRiO Student Support

TRIO/SSS at Iowa Western is a federal grant program that provides services to 175 eligible students for FREE!

TRIO/SSS staff support participants both inside and outside the classroom to help students achieve academic success, graduate from Iowa Western Community College, and transfer to a 4-year institution of his/her/their choice to complete a Bachelor’s degree. A variety of FREE services are provided to assist students including but not limited to:

  • Hands on Advising
  • Professional Academic Tutoring
  • Skill Building Workshops
  • Financial Literacy
  • Career and Transfer Planning
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Peer Mentors
  • TRIO/SSS Living Learning Community (LLC)