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The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires that postsecondary institutions participating in federal student aid programs make certain disclosures to enrolled and prospective students, parents, employees, and the public. Iowa Western Community College works hard to maintain compliance with laws regarding the disclosure of certain information to our students, prospective students, parents, and the community at large. More information and paper copies can be made available upon request by each office. 

Academic Programs

Contact: Director of Admissions| | (712) 388-6878

Information about current educational programs and descriptions is available at Iowa Western Community College Catalog and Academic Programs website. 

Accreditation Information

Contact: Dean of Institutional Effectiveness| | (712) 325-3378

Iowa Western Community College is accredited as a post-secondary institution by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, Illinois. In December 2005 the college was accepted into the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). This alternative accreditation process is predicated upon a continuous improvement model developed by the HLC. In 2012 IWCC received Reaffirmation of Accreditation through 2019 via the AQIP Pathway. The College is currently on the Standard Pathway. This accreditation process is predicated upon institutional improvement and quality assurance.  

Iowa Western is also accredited by the Iowa Department of Education. The College successfully completed its 10-year state accreditation review in March 2022.

Confidentiality of Records and FERPA

Contact: Registrar | | (712) 325-3285

Each year Iowa Western Community College informs students of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended. This Act, with which the institution intends to comply fully, was designed to protect the privacy of education records to establish the right of students to inspect and review their education records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings. Students also have the right to file complaints with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office (FERPA) concerning alleged failures by the institution for compliance with the provision of the Act. Iowa Westerns Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) information is available in the Registrar OfficeStudent Handbook, and College Catalog. The Registrar Office holds all information on student records and confidentiality.

Computer Conduct

Contact: Director of IT | | (712) 325-3221

Information on computer conduct including copyright and peer-to-peer file sharing can be located in the Student Handbook.

Cost of Attendance

Contact: Financial Aid Office | | (712) 325-3277

The cost of attending Iowa Western includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, and any additional costs for specific programs. Iowa Western provides a Net Price Calculator to help students in estimating the cost of attendance. 

Reporting Campus Concerns

Complete our incident form to report an incident of student conduct, campus safety, or academic concerns.

Complete our CARE form if you are concerned about the welfare of a student or want to report that a student has been hospitalized.

Complaint Form

If you have an issue with staff, faculty, students or facilities with Iowa Western please complete the

Complaint Form

Iowa College Student Aid Commission
Ph: 1-877-272-4456

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Contact: Dean of Student Life and Success | | (712) 325-3207

Emergency Phone: 911| Iowa Western Safety and Security | | (402) 659-4939

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, Iowa Western Community College publishes its Annual Security and Fire Safety Report by October 1 of each year. The report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Iowa Western Community College and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as the policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault, and other matters.

A paper copy of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available upon request from Dean of Student Life and Success. 

Accommodation Services

Contact: Coordinator of Accommodation Services | | (712) 325-3299

Our Academic Support Office provides an array of accommodations for students who qualify. Students with disabilities are encouraged to take an active role in advocating for their needs and securing services to attain reasonable, effective, and appropriate accommodations. Visit Accommodation Services located in the Student Center for more information on services and resources available. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Contact: Dean of Student Life and Success | | (712) 325-3207

College students, faculty, staff, and guests are subject to local, state, and federal laws regarding the unlawful possession, distribution, or use of alcohol or illegal drugs. Possession, Use, Manufacturing, Distribution, or in the Presence of Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Synthetic Substances, and other Controlled Substances on Campus. The aforementioned substances and paraphernalia are strictly prohibited on the College campus, including all facilities, regardless of the age of the individual.

Information about risks associated with alcohol and drug use, laws and sanctions, and campus resources can be found in the Student Handbook and Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Drug Law Violations: Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties

Contact: Financial Aid Office | | (712) 325-3277

Federal law provides that a student who has been convicted of an offense under any federal or state law involving the possession or sale of a controlled substance during a period of enrollment for which the student was receiving financial aid shall not be eligible to receive any federal or institutional grant, loan, or work assistance.  More information is available upon request from the Financial Aid Office. 

Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Statement

Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination

Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination

Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination

Financial Aid

Contact: Financial Aid Office | | (712) 325-3277

Federal financial aid information is available on our website and from the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Calculator

Contact: Financial Aid Office | | (712) 325-3277

Students can use the Financial Aid Net Price Calculator to estimate cost of attendance. 

Gainful Employment

Contact: Financial Aid Office | | (712) 325-3287

Gainful Employment per program can be found online or by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

Gifts and Contracts

Contact: Vice President of Institutional Advancement| | (712) 325-3306

Information on foreign gifts and contracts >$250k and other foundation information can be made available upon request.

Graduation and Retention Rates

Contact: Registrar | | (712) 325-3285

Iowa Western graduation and retention rates as is reported to IPEDS (US Department of Education). Based upon First‐time, Full‐Time, 2020 Cohort Students

2023-2024 Enrollment, Retention, Graduation, and Transfer Information

Intercollegiate Athletic Program 

Contact: Athletic Director | | (712) 325-3402

The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act requires co-educational institutions of postsecondary education that participate in a Title IV, federal student financial assistance program, and have an intercollegiate athletic program, to prepare an annual report to the Department of Education on athletic participation, staffing, and revenues and expenses, by men’s and women’s teams.

IW Student Athletes 2020 Cohort


Contact: Admissions | | (712) 325-3200

Iowa Western is located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, near Omaha, Nebraska. The college was founded in 1967 and offers 84 programs in both vocational and technical areas, as well as in liberal arts. Center locations include Clarinda, Cass County, Page/Fremont County, and Shelby County.


Contact: Dean of Student Life and Success | | (712) 325-3207

Falsifying information or documentation given to College personnel is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to engaging in forgery, alteration, or misuse of any college records or documentation, college keys or keycards, or student or staff identification cards, disclosing any confidential information gained through student employment. 

Missing Student Policy and Notification Procedures

Contact: Dean of Student Life and Success| | (712) 325-3207
Contact: Associate Dean of Student Life | | (712) 325-3728
Contact: Director of Campus Safety and Security | | (712) 325-3727

Iowa Western Community College takes student safety very seriously. The policy and procedure have been developed in order to assist in locating Iowa Western student(s) living in on-campus housing, who based on the facts and circumstances known to the College, are determined to be missing. This policy is in compliance with Section 488 of the Higher Education Act of 2008 and can be located in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report and Student Handbook.

Refund Policy, Requirements for Withdrawal, and Return of Federal Financial Aid

Contact: Financial Aid Office | | (712) 325-3287
Contact: Registrar | | (712) 325-3285

Information regarding refund, withdrawal, and return of federal financial aid is available in the College Catalog and Financial Aid Office. 

Registered Sex Offenders

Contact: Dean of Student Life and Success | | (712) 325-3207

Registered sex offender’s information – IowaNebraska

Student Body Diversity

Contact: Dean of Institutional Effectiveness| | (712) 325-3378

Information on student body diversity can be found on our graduation and retention reports. 

Based upon First‐time, Full‐Time, 2020 Cohort Students

2023-2024 Enrollment, Retention, Graduation, and Transfer information

Text Messaging/SMS Communication

lowa Western uses text messaging, also known as SMS, to connect with students regarding application status, recruitment, advising, financial aid deadlines, and event information. Message and data rates may apply. An opt-out option will be provided upon receiving your first message.

Textbook Information

Contact: Iowa Western College Store | | (712) 325-3231

Textbook information is available at The College Store and can be ordered online. Individual textbooks for the student’s registered classes can also be accessed from the student schedule on
Roc under Registration ->View/print my schedule ->scroll to the bottom and click “View the books for these courses”

Transfer of Credit and Articulation Agreements

Contact: Vice President of Academic Affairs | | (712) 325-3326
Contact: Registrar | | (712) 325-3285

Information regarding transfer credit and articulation agreements can be found in the Records and Registration and Advising Offices.

Vaccination Policies

Contact: Dean of Student Life and Success | | (712) 325-3207

Iowa Western does not have a College-wide vaccination policy. However, some academic programs at IWCC have vaccination policies based on field placement and clinical requirements. Please review the program’s requirements in order to learn more about its specific vaccination policy.

IWCC suggests students consult with their healthcare provider regarding recommended vaccinations/immunizations recommended by the American College Health Association when deciding whether or not they may want to be vaccinated.

Voter Registration

Contact: Dean of Student Life and Success | | (712) 325-3207

Information regarding voting in local, state, or federal elections, including a copy of the Iowa Voter Registration Form, may be accessed at Iowa Secretary of State.