High School: College Early Start

Message from the Dean:

We are very excited to have you experience Iowa Western Community College through the College Early Start program! We hope you find this experience to be challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding. Whether you are taking courses with IWCC for the first time, or are returning for another semester, we hope you can adapt and learn the expectations of what being a college student is while doing so in a supportive environment. Every student has the opportunity to pursue whatever dream they desire in this world. We’re excited that your journey runs through IWCC! Sails up! Go Reivers!

Dr. Thomas Gilmore

College Early Start

The College Early Start Program is a way to provide students with a highly supportive initial college experience before graduating high school. College Early Start (CES) is designed to give high school students the platform to explore career options and a variety of classes. This creates academic momentum and a less stressful transition to the college environment. If desired, a student can enroll in a certification path so when they graduate from high school, the student will have a diploma and a certificate in the field they choose, thereby giving students an advanced enrollment standing upon entering college as a degree-seeking student.

To apply for the CES program, talk with your high school counselor.

Eligibility Requirement

  • State of Iowa Resident in grades 9 -12
  • Demonstrates proficiency on annual achievement evaluation administered by the school district
  • The student must work with their High School counselors


Certificate Pathways:

Graduate with a certificate while in high school.

For a full list of our programs, including certificate pathways and course descriptions along with course prerequisites, see our College Catalog.

Academic Support Transferring Credit

Using the credit you have earned at Iowa Western, contact our Admissions Office to see how those credits can be used towards your degree.

Planning on enrolling at another college or university, want to know what credits will transfer?

More credit transfer and transcript information.

Dean of High School Partnerships

Dr. Thomas Gilmore

Ph: (712) 325-3288
E-mail: tgilmore@iwcc.edu