Nutritional Coach

What does a Nutritional Coach do?

You’ll be an inspiration for those who need help tweaking their diet and/or developing an exercise routine to meet their individual goals. You’ll lead, instruct, and motivate. Here’s a breakdown of your responsibilities:

  • Teaching proper fitness and nutrition habits
  • Observing clients’ diet routines and tracking their progress
  • Developing fitness/meal plans based on client’s needs and goals.

Requirements Before Starting:

  • High School Diploma
  • 18 years of age
About this Program

This program is packed with extensive content that will make you an authority on the topics of health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. It’s a surefire way to advance your knowledge and increase your hire ability in an industry that needs more trained professionals. This program is incredibly thorough but designed for expediency. By dedicating 10 hours per week to your training, you can complete the program anywhere between 9–12 months.

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Program Details:

  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning
  • Completely Self-Paced Study
  • 1:1 Live Support
  • 331 Online Training Hours
  • 12 months of Full Access
  • 1 Certification Voucher
  • $ 30,528 Average Salary