Department: Social Sciences

Psychology is a fascinating field, and if the study of human behavior appeals to you, Iowa Western’s Psychology program can get you on your way to a career in this field. Graduates use their Associate of Arts degree as a springboard to a bachelor’s or graduate degree at a four-year institution. Iowa Western teaches many of the psychology courses that are found in four-year schools, which is uncommon for a community college. This will give you a leg up on other students when you pursue an advanced degree. You’ll be armed with concepts and vocabulary that others might not possess.

Large universities in Nebraska and Iowa offer Sociology programs, but few can match Iowa Western’s environment that features such unique one-on-one instructor interaction. Our program will introduce you to the fundamentals of sociological principles and results in the award of an Associate of Arts degree.

You’ll gain valuable knowledge in analysis and research that will be incorporated into this specialized career field. Our faculty members are heavily involved in student learning. They’ll instill in you concepts of human social behavior, family, religion, education, culture, deviant behavior, and demography.

Many Iowa Western graduates continue their education at four-year institutions to get the edge in this highly competitive field. Upon the completion of the bachelor’s degree requirements, most students with this degree go into Social Services, Sales, Marketing, Management, Teaching and Research positions. Even more attractive job opportunities are available for those with masters and doctorate degrees.

Iowa Western has an online sociology cohort program, information on that program can be found on our online degree page.