Iowa Western Community College

EMS Education Program CEU Request & Approval



  • Requests must be submitted at least fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the course.
  • Every student must submit a course evaluation. (Submit with the roster/certificates)
  • A roster and the yellow copies of the certificates will be returned to IWCC within 1 week of the end of the course.
  • If the above guidelines are not met - the continuing education number/hours may be canceled or denied.

This agreement is between Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) and any agency presenting continuing education
with the sponsorship of IWCC.

In presenting EMS continuing education classes or programs, the cooperating agency agrees to:

  • Submit an approved IWCC - EMS Education Program Continuing Education Request form.
  • Assign an individual to supervise the program and assure that the number of awarded hours are met.
  • Provide qualified instruction as mandated by IWCC and the Iowa Department of Public Health.
  • Provide physical arrangements that are suitable for conducting the program.
  • Understand that IWCC reserves the right to visit and audit any courses that they sponsor, in order to
    ensure quality of instruction.
  • Issue documentation of completion with evidence of the CEHs awarded.
  • Submit a completed roster, evaluations, and a copy of each continuing education certificate to IWCC within on
    within one week of the completion of the class or program.

In the event that the class or program does not go the entire time requested or the times and dates had to be changed,
the cooperating agency will contact the IWCC EMS Education Program immediately so that the records can be adjusted.

IWCC, agrees to:

  • Issue provider/sponsor numbers for approved CEH requests.
  • Notify the cooperating agency of the approved CEH requests.
  • Provide registration and evaluation materials.
  • Maintain CEH files on each person in attendance of approved program.
  • Maintain records of approved programs.
  • Notify the Iowa Department of Public Health - Bureau of EMS of any approved programs.
  • Periodically visit and audit courses that they have sponsored, in order to ensure quality of instruction.