Amenities and Services

Residence Life Information and Services

The front desk of the Suites and Tower is the central hub of services and activities. The Reiver Suites and Tower front desks are open 24 hours per day. The Reiver Suites II is home to the Residence Life Office. Between 8:00 am and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday the Reiver Suites front desk is staffed by the Residence Life Administrative Assistant. All other hours the front desk is staffed by residence assistants and desk workers.

Parking Parking

All motor vehicles operated by persons living on campus must be properly registered with the College. Parking or driving on grass or sidewalks is prohibited. Residence Life Students may receive parking stickers on move-in day from the Office of Residence Life. Residence Life students are only permitted to park in their facility parking lot.

All vehicles without a valid permit are subject to tow at the owner’s expense. Iowa Western is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any vehicle entering, exiting, or parked in the parking lot.

After move-in students may receive parking stickers from the Residence Life Office located in the Reiver Suites. Your vehicle must have a valid permit at all times when parked in the Residence Life parking lots.

Visitor Parking

All visitors must obtain a parking permit from the Front Desk of the housing facility. Visitors must park in designated parking areas.

Handicap Parking

Parking for disabled drivers is available at each housing facility. Any car that is parked in a handicap spot without a valid handicap permit may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Mail Mail

All residences will be assigned a mailbox within their housing facility. Reiver Village mailboxes are located in the clubhouse. Any packages that are not small enough to fit into the mailbox will be logged and kept at the Residence Life mailroom located in Suites II. A blue slip will be placed in your box to notify you of a package. Present this slip and your student ID at the Suites II front desk to receive your package. In order to maintain the utmost security for your package, packages may only be picked up between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Outgoing mail should be stamped and placed in the outgoing mail before 11:00 a.m. Our staff has been notified by the USPS not to open mailboxes or to hand out mail to residents as these are federal offenses. Mail is generally dispersed by 5:00 p.m. daily.

Laundry Free Laundry

Washers and driers are located in each of the housing facilities. Machines are also located in the clubhouse at the Apartments. Residents are encouraged to remove their clothing from the machines promptly and to be respectful of other people’s laundry. Problems with laundry should be reported to the front desk. The College is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged clothing.

Vending Vending

Vending machines are located in the Reiver Suites, Reiver Village, and Reiver Tower. Money lost in the vending machines can be reported to the front desk.

internet Internet Services

Iowa Western housing facilities are equipped with high-speed internet. Residents are responsible for providing a network/Ethernet card and cable. Please review our Network Connection Policy Rules and Regulations located in the Iowa Western Student Handbook. Note, wireless routers are not permitted.

Business and Technology Computer Labs

There is a computer lab in the Reiver Suites and Reiver Tower for Residence Life students. The computer labs are open 24 hours per day. Printing is not available in housing therefore students will need to print at the library.

Galley Food Service

Students living in Residence Life will have unlimited dining in the cafe included in their housing contract.