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Iowa Western is the home of 89.7 The River, the Omaha metro’s only alternative rock radio station!  The Media Studies: Radio program of study allows students to work intensively with professional radio personnel and develop the skills needed to succeed in all aspects of the radio industry. There are so many different jobs in radio – On-air talent, production, promotions, event planning, sales, and social media.

Course work includes performance, promotions, sales, management, writing and producing commercials, social media, and programming. Students can enhance their classroom experience by participating in all station operations at 89.7 The River.

Graduates of this program are awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree in two years and are ready to move directly into the radio industry.

Job Outlook

841 Jobs (2020)

-2.7% Change from 2020-2025

Data is from the Omaha Metropolitans Area, and the seven counties in Southwest Iowa that Iowa Western serves

What will you do

This program is designed for students intending to enter the workforce upon completion of this two-year degree. Radio announcing is a competitive field; however, many students begin working part-time or at small stations and move their way up. Graduates of this program are prepared for careers as on-air announcers, morning show hosts/co-hosts, production assistants, production directors, creative services specialists,  account executives, promotions directors, and social media managers.


  • Entry: $14.82
  • Average: $24.88
  • Experienced: $60.22

Career Examples

  • On-Air Talent
  • Production Assistant or Director
  • Creative Services Specialist
  • Account Executive
  • Promotion Director
  • Social Media Manager
  • Copy or Content Writer
  • Entry Level Technical Writer
  • Multimedia Journalist
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Photojournalist
  • Freelance Writer

First Semester

JOU 110 - Introduction to Mass Media 3.0 Credit(s)
MMS 105 - Audio Production 3.0 Credit(s)
MMS 338 - Radio Practicum I 1.0 Credit(s)
MMS 123 - Electronic Media Performance 3.0 Credit(s)
SPC 112 - Public Speaking 3.0 Credit(s)
ENG 105 - Composition I 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 16.0 Credits

Second Semester

MMS 341 - Radio Practicum II 1.0 Credit(s)
MMS 135 - Introduction to Copy Writing 3.0 Credit(s)
MMS 205 - Advanced Audio Production 3.0 Credit(s)
MMS 190 - Broadcast Promotions 3.0 Credit(s)
MMS 260 - Electronic Media Sales and Management 3.0 Credit(s)
MMS 204 - New Media Production 3.0 Credit(s)

Semester Total: 16.0 Credits

Third Semester

MMS 342 - Radio Practicum III 1.0 Credit(s)
MMS 350 - Media Sales Practicum 1.0 Credit(s)
MMS 223 - Advanced Radio Performance 3.0 Credit(s)
MMS 202 - Social Media Marketing 3.0 Credit(s)
PHI 211 - Ethics in the Media 3.0 Credit(s)
  • Program Elective 3.0 Credit(s) 1
  • MAT 711 - Business and Financial Mathematics 3.0 Credit(s)

    Semester Total: 17.0 Credits

    Fourth Semester

    MMS 134 - Media Writing 3.0 Credit(s)
    MMS 261 - Programming for the Electronic Media 3.0 Credit(s)
    MMS 933 - Media Studies Internship 2.0 Credit(s)
  • Program Elective 3.0 Credit(s) 1
  • MGT 195 - Workplace Empowerment 3.0 Credit(s)

    Semester Total: 14.0 Credits

    Total Semester Hours Required: 63.0


    1 Program electives must be selected from the following:


    ART 184 - Photography 3.0 Credit(s)
    ART 125 - Digital Media 3.0 Credit(s)
    MKT 110 - Principles of Marketing 3.0 Credit(s)
    MKT 140 - Principles of Selling 3.0 Credit(s)
    MMS 152 - Spring Sports Announcing 3.0 Credit(s)
    MMS 216 - Social Media Capstone 4.0 Credit(s)
    MUS 305 - Introduction to Audio 3.0 Credit(s)
    MUS 306 - Digital Audio Production I 3.0 Credit(s)

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    Program Outcomes

    Upon the successful completion of the program students will:

    • Demonstrate vocal performance abilities.
    • Use digital editing software and audio production equipment to produce professional quality materials.
    • Demonstrate a variety of effective promotions, sales, and marketing techniques and approaches.
    • Demonstrate a variety of writing styles for use in the media.
    • Create a post-graduation packet including a resume, cover letter, demo, and web/social media components.
    • Fully assess radio stations including management structure, revenue streams, and adherence to FCC policy.

    Program Disclaimers

    • Salary information from EMSI Analyst Database