Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing

Program Overview

The CEAM program is a demand-driven, 2-year non-credit certificate program.  It is designed to meet and sustain the needs of current and emerging advanced manufacturing companies in Southwest Iowa. 


The program combines classroom and lab instruction.  The first year (core year) is where all the students study machine trades, electricity, and mathematics.  In the second year, students will study specialized topics such as robotics, PLC, industrial electronics, and more based on input from our industry partners.

Program Cost

$5,280* for the 2-year program
*Program costs total $15,083.  Costs have been underwritten by an IWCC consortium fund to offer it at a discount.


Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4 pm – 7 pm
All classes are held at our Clarinda Campus,
located at 923 E Washington St. in Clarinda, IA.

Year 1*

Fall 9/13/21-12/2/21
Winter 1/4/22-3/17/22
Spring 3/28/22-6/9/22
*dates are subject to change

Year 2*

Fall 9/12/22-11/17/22
Winter 1/2/23-3/16/23
Spring 3/27/23-6/8/23

CEAM Sponsors

Contact Us

Director, Clarinda Center

Kristin Smith

Ph: (712) 542-5117

Education 2 Employment

Tuition Assistance is available!

Education 2 Employment provides FREE tuition assistance to residents of Iowa to grow their career skills and further their education.

  1. See if you’re eligible.
    Along with being 18 years of age, a resident of Iowa, and having your high school diploma, your household income, household size, and skill level will be assessed.
  2. Apply for the program.
    We’ll walk you through the application process.
  3. Meet with a pathway navigator.
    Rachel Jensen, pathway navigator, will help you through the process.

Pathway Navigator

Rachel Jensen

Ph: (712) 256-8800