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Financial Aid

Disbursement & Refund Dates
Fall 2016
Regular (Aug. 22-May 12), Accelerated (Aug. 22-Oct. 14)
Sept. 7 Pell Refund:
Sept. 21 Loan Disbursement to IWCC
Sept. 28 Loan Refunds to students
Late Start - (Sept. 19-Dec. 16)
Oct. 7 Pell Refund:
Oct. 12 Loan Disbursement to IWCC
Oct.14 Loan Refunds to Students
Fall Only Loans - (Aug. 22-Dec. 16)
Sep. 21 First Half Loan Disbursement to IWCC
Sep. 28 First Half Loan Refunds to Students
Oct. 12 2nd Half Loan Disbursement to IWCC
Oct. 14 2nd Half Loan Refunds to Students
Accelerated Session II Start (Starts Oct. 19-Dec. 16)
Oct. 28 Pell Refund for Oct. Start
Nov. 9 Loan Disbursement to IWCC
Nov. 11 Loan Refunds to Students
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It is apparent that community colleges have substantially altered the world of academia for both traditional and nontraditional students alike by continuing to provide a myriad of opportunities for students to begin or advance their education at a price they can afford. At Iowa Western Community College, we believe in providing a quality education at an affordable price.

We also understand that financing a college education can be a stressful undertaking. That’s why we offer Financial Aid opportunities to all our students. In fact, about 80% of Iowa Western students received financial aid last year, including grants (money you don’t need to pay back) and loans (money you borrow). In addition, our committed team of professionals works in partnership with you, providing information on available options and assisting you with the various stages of the financial aid process.

This web site is dedicated to providing you and your family with the necessary tools to make informed decisions concerning financing your education. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you and welcomes your questions.