Work-Based Learning and Intermediary Network: High School Educators

Enhance your curriculum and expand your industry knowledge by learning from an area business that is directly related to your classroom content.

School and Educator Activities

Activities that may reinforce your lesson plans and provide professional development for teachers and staff include:

  • Classroom Speakers – In-Person & Virtual
    • Invite an industry professional to share his/her education, career background, and experience with your classroom in-person or virtually.
    • Age Range: 9th-12th grade students
    • Time Commitment: Typically 30-60 minutes
  • Worksite Tours
    • Students and teachers can tour an area business to learn more about the different career opportunities available.
    • Age Range: 9th-12th grade classrooms
    • Time Commitment: Typically 30-90 minutes
  • Registered Apprenticeship, Quality Pre-Apprenticeship Discussions
    • Discuss interest in developing or expanding a Registered Apprenticeship or Quality Pre-Apprenticeship program at your high school.
    • Time Commitment: Typically 30-60 minutes

If you are interested in connecting with a classroom speaker, setting up a worksite tour or discussing Registered Apprenticeships or Quality Pre-Apprenticeships, please complete the Educator Activity Request.


Intermediary: Educator Activity Request

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