Coaching Authorization

About the Program

Iowa Western offers the State of Iowa (BOEE) Coaching Authorization. Coaching in Iowa (volunteer or paid) requires this course and authorization. Completion of this course and application allows one to be an assistant or head coach of any sport K-12 in Iowa. This is a 3-week online course.

*Classes are currently being updated, if you don’t see a specific course call the Continuing Ed office at 712-325-3256 or view the list here

Requirements Before Starting

  • Students must register no later than one week prior to the class
  • One week of pre-homework
  • One week of mandatory 1- hour Zoom session with the instructor
  • and one week of post-homework
Mandatory Requirements:
  • Background Check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Completion of a Variety of training including concussions, CPR training, and a 55-hour training workshop
  • Mandatory books needed are Sports First Aid (Melinda Flegel 5th edition) and Successful Coaching (Rainer Martens 4th edition)

For more specifications as outlined in this State of Iowa BOEE-approved program visit the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners

Other Coaching Courses

Coaching Ethics

This course is designed to satisfy the five (5) contact hour coaching ethics requirement Iowa Department of Education for a coaching authorization or renewal. This is a four-step course that addresses self-analysis, coaching leadership, coaching guidance, and coaching temperament. This program helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a coach.

Coaching Renewal

This course is designed to help you achieve the requirements for the Coaching Renewal in the state of Iowa. During your course, you will spend time with five current issues in coaching today. Each issue will be treated as a separate requirement, with its own set of assignments.