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Winter Storm

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Iowa Western is on spring break March 23-27.

See the President's Messages for updated info.

Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

Iowa Western Community College is working closely with state and local public health officials to prepare for the present COVID-19 outbreak. Any official updates from the college will appear on this site.

Contact us with COVID-19 questions.

[email protected]

Latest Updates

Iowa Western's Cabinet and Board of Trustees is consulting with federal, state and local health officials and system leaders. This group is tasked with evaluating the situation as it evolves. Questions or concerns can be submitted to [email protected].

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General Information on Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

How to be prepared

Learn what you can about COVID-19 and its symptoms from the Centers for Disease Control.


Disinfect and practice proper hygiene

Get into the habit of washing your hands thoroughly and consistently after bathroom breaks or contact with high-touch items such as doorknobs. Avoid close contact with any people showing signs of respiratory illness; maintain at least a 6-foot distance.


If you feel sick

Contact your health provider Learn what you can about COVID-19 and its symptoms from the Centers for Disease Control. During this period, members of the Iowa Western community should be more cautious than usual. You should stay home if you have symptoms (coughing, fever, shortness of breath). If you feel sick after coming to campus, return home immediately and take steps to make sure you do not infect others.