Student Testimonials

Testimonies from Current Students

  • “My advice to current HiSET students is to show up, participate, and do the work. Don’t give up. Keep striving.”—Melissa I.

Success Stories of HSED Graduates

“I wanted to make a difference in my life and my children’s lives and to show them that they can do anything they want to do in life as long as they try and don’t give up.

Right after I received my HSED, I enrolled at Iowa Western Community College and earned my CNA license. I have been a CNA for almost three years now and work as an in-home caregiver. Going by to school was nerve-wracking because of my age, but if I, the class clown, can do it, then anyone can.”—Vanity G.

“I slowly but surely obtained by HSED with the help of an amazing instructor.

I have now graduated with honors from Iowa Western Community College with my associate’s degree, and I am set to graduate with honors from Peru State College in May of next year with my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Legal Studies with a minor in psychology. I am currently employed with Nebraska State Probation.”—Melissa W.