Driver Improvement Program

Iowa’s Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

If you have questions about your driving record, contact the Office of Driver Services, Iowa DOT, at 515-244-9124 or 515-244-8725.

Your driving privileges may be suspended for:

  • Habitual violator: If you have been convicted of, or pled guilty to, three or more countable moving violations (including out-of-state violations) that were committed within a 12-month period.
  • Serious violation: If you are convicted of, or pled guilty to, speeding 25 miles or more over the legal speed limit.
  • Countable moving violations: Includes all moving violations except the first two speed convictions within a 12-month period which occur in speed zones between 34 mph and 56 mph and you were convicted of speed 10 mph or less over the posted speed limit.  A moving violation is defined to include all violations not specifically excluded by Iowa Code § 321.210. (Examples of excluded violations include parking violations, failure to appear, equipment violations, registration violations, or disturbing the peace with a motor vehicle).

When your record shows convictions of three countable moving violations that were committed within a 12-month period, or you have been convicted of a speeding violation of 25 mph to 29 mph over the limit, you may be required to complete a driver improvement school at your local community college. After you have successfully completed the program, you will be on probation for one year. If you are convicted of a moving violation while on probation, the Iowa DOT’s Office of Driver Services will start action to suspend your license. Also, a suspension notice will be mailed to you if you fail to complete the driver improvement program.