Iowa Western Community College

EMS Refresher Course


The refresher course refreshes material already known by the students. New procedures and techniques may be briefly discussed in a refresher program, however they will not be taught in depth. The intent of these programs is to maintain a student’s competence in knowledge and skill performance. Our refresher program is a graduated program that has all levels of providers start together and they continue up through the level of continuing education that they need. This program follows the objectives put forth by the Department of Transportation and recommended by the National Registry of EMT’s. The purpose of the program is to meet the Refresher course requirement for re-registration (NREMT). The program may be used to satisfy some, if not all, of the requirements of many state certifications.  Participants are encouraged to know what continuing education requirements they need to satisfy. 

An EMS refresher course may be offered at the college or may be tailored to your own specific department needs if requested.  The refresher covers the National content for NREMT renewal, covering both didactic and skills requirements.  The hour requirement for each level of certification is listed below.

Emergency Medical Responder: 8 hours

Emergency Medical Technician: 20 hours

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician: 25 hours

Paramedic: 30 hours

Critical Care Paramedic

IWCC also offers a refresher course to maintain your Iowa critical care endorsement.  The course satisfies the 8 hour requirement set forth by the state.  Topics are designed to further the knowledge and skill set of the critical care paramedic.  Topics covered may include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Airway Management/Ventilator Management

Advanced 12 lead Interpretation

Lab Values/Arterial Blood Gases

Left Ventricular Devices


Chest Tube Insertion/Maintenance

Surgical Airway

There are no classes scheduled at this time please check back later.