Online Classes

Online Classes

The ultimate goal of Iowa Western Online is to provide students with quality educational opportunities that are flexible with schedules and from the comfort of their own home. Regardless of how a course is taught, courses offered at online reflect the same commitment to quality as our traditional courses. Iowa Western offers many courses completely online, and many other courses use the internet as a convenient means for submitting assignments, getting handouts, taking tests, and participating in class discussions and group projects.

You can also receive your degree online from Iowa Western Community College.

Online Classes Through Iowa Western

In an online class, students interact with their instructor and classmates through the Internet. There are usually no campus visits required. If you take an online class, you will read lectures, submit assignments, take quizzes, and do other course activities online. Iowa Western online courses follow the same schedule as traditional classes, and students are required to complete work each week.

Iowa Western delivers online classes through Canvas LMS.

Are Online Classes Right For You?

Online classes are the most convenient delivery method at Iowa Western, but they also require the most time, self-discipline and time-management skills. Because you never attend class on-campus (except in special circumstances) you need to be extremely motivated to do well in the course.

Students who are the most successful at online coursework possess the following skills or qualities:

  • good reading and writing skills (able to grasp important concepts from the assigned reading and effectively communicate through written papers and/or threaded discussions)
  • able to manage time efficiently (scheduling time each day for the online class, keeping up with assignments)
  • self-motivation (able to work independently in the class without the interaction with teacher and students, as in a typical face-to-face class)
  • competent in utilizing the computer and Internet (able to save and attach documents and use the Internet browser to navigate through the class or to look up information)

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements

Iowa Western Community College is a member of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. This State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) establishes a state-level reciprocity process for online courses in participating states. SARA is lead by the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), a private nonprofit organization [501(c)(3)] that helps expand students’ access to educational opportunities and ensure more efficient, consistent, and effective regulation of distance education programs. 

If you have a complaint regarding an online course that was not handled properly at Iowa Western, you may contact the Bureau of Iowa College Aid, Iowa Department of Education (Iowa College Aid). Iowa College Aid accepts concerns and complaints from any student attending an Iowa school, regardless of the student’s state of residency, and from an Iowa resident attending any school in the United States.

Student Resources

  • The World is Waiting…Where will your degree take you?
  • Online Tutoring – assists with various study strategies, online academic resources, and use of free tutorial software
  • Disability Services – provides an array of accommodations for students who qualify
  • Cyber library – 24/7 access to full-text journal articles, books, and other resources 
  • Mental Health Support
  • Community Resources Referrals
  • Emergency Assistance Fund

Degrees Offered Online

  • Interested in starting your education but don’t think you have the time?
  • Do you need an affordable option that will meet you where you are at?
  • Iowa Western’s Online Cohort Programs provide accredited, transferable degree programs with open admissions policies.
  • All you need is a high school diploma or equivalency.


Email for assistance with registration.

Technical Recommendations for ROC Classes

  • Preferred Browser: Google Chrome
  • Secondary Browser: Firefox
  • Computer/Laptop
    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS Sierra 10.12 or Higher
  • Stable High Speed internet connection of 5MB or higher
  • FAQ’s on ROC
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