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The Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship is a state program that helps Iowa residents earn certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees in one of Iowa’s high-demand career fields. The Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship will cover tuition and qualified fees that aren’t covered by federal and state grants/scholarships, ex: Pell Grants, SEOG, Kibbie, etc. If you aren’t eligible for federal or state grants, you could still qualify for the Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship.

Here’s How to Qualify:

All students must meet this criteria to be eligible:

  1. Must be an Iowa resident.
  2. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by July 15th. The FAFSA will determine what other federal and state grants you are eligible for. Even if you don’t qualify for grants, you may still qualify for the scholarship. After you complete the FAFSA, you may need to complete additional paperwork in order to receive financial aid. Iowa Western will let you know if you need to complete anything else. For more information about the FAFSA, including getting help to complete it.
  3. Must have an Expected Family Contribution at or below 20,000
  4. Choose one of the high-demand programs below. Programs with an * have prerequisites. Prerequisites must be completed and you must be accepted into the program in order to receive the scholarship. Click on the links below for program information. 

In addition students must meet group requirements. Students under 20 years old are in Group 1. Students over 20 years old are in Group 2.

Group 1: (students under 20)Group 2: (students over 20)
Iowa High School GraduateAdults who will turn 20 before July 1 the summer before registering
Register full-time or part-timeRegister full-time or part-time
Cannot completely withdraw from classesCannot completely withdraw from classes
Award available up to 8 part-time semesters or the full-time equivalentAward available up to 8 part-time semesters or the full-time equivalent

Eligible Programs At Iowa Western

The programs listed above are specifically for Iowa Western and are subject to change. Moving forward the programs will be decided on an annual basis based on high demand jobs in Iowa.

Next Steps:
  1. Apply to Iowa Western. Be sure to select one of the programs above.
  2. Meet with an advisor to register and make your graduation plan.
  3. Complete your financial aid requirements and view your award letter.
  4. Once you are awarded, you must meet ongoing requirements while in the program.
    • Remain an Iowa resident
    • Attend an orientation
    • Meet with an advisor to register for classes
    • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress
    • Must have an Expected Family Contribution at or below 20,000
    • Remain continuously registered in the required credits per semester. (Summers are not required. Stay full or part-time, depending on your group requirements above).